Suzy Scherr, author of The Apple Cider Vinegar Companion and The Baking Soda Companion, is a personal chef, writer and culinary instructor with a knack for finding new ways to make being in the kitchen or at the table exciting, fun and accessible. Scherr teaches, cooks for and cooks with adults and kids, making delicious, healthy meals that utilize new products, unfamiliar ingredients and unique ways of incorporating everyday items. Her method of cooking instruction  and food education inspires confidence, creativity and curiosity in students of all ages.

Scherr is a regular contributor to a variety of magazines and online publications including Parents, Fit Pregnancyand Every Day With Rachael RayHer cooking style and passion evolved from both formal training – she has a culinary arts degree from the Institute for Culinary Education in Manhattan – as well as a lifelong obsession with food and cooking for others. Now, as a wife and mom of 2 young daughters, she sees even more value in the importance of seasonally fresh, simple yet inventive meals that come together in a snap.